Jensen Corner helps you to offers humidors and packaging boxes on even more favorable terms !!!

Jensen Corner is committed to growing together with you as a leader of humidors and other boxes, expanding its geography and bringing the diversity of best quality products to the world.  And yet, this is a fresh idea for a profitable business.  With such acquisition, you can create your own special image that will expose you most beneficial.


Why our humidors are the best?

Surely you have had time to get acquainted with many types of products to store your valuable cigars.  However, not every such purchase is exactly what you need.  Our humidors are the best option for purchase.  They are created to assure good storage conditions even for the most expensive cigars.

Our humidors don't allow penetrating into the moisture; they don't crumple and do not spoil cigars. While preserving their presentable appearance and taste.   Our products are known for ease of use as well as external shines: with such a box it's not a shame to go out even into the most demanding world.

Humidors is an exquisite cigar kit.  This is a kit that includes a cigar cutter, ashtray as well as humidifier.


Add value to your business

Beside humidors, we also offer various high-quality functional boxes.

Our production base has made Jensen Corner capable to cater your order in the first place, no matter the order quantities and how tight of the delivery schedule.

We would be delighted to discuss with you in depth the value Jensen Corner would add to your business!